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26 junio, 2019
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In 2013, a couple of Chinese actors, opened his company “Shanghai Dowell Trading”, with partner French producer and trader Haussmann Family. Nowadays Shanghai Dowell Trading is operating in nine sectors of activity, cosmetics including a factory in the Lyon region, home appliances, and fashion.

This company has 400 employees and sells products in its 75 stores in China and on the internet.

WeChat, unlike Facebook and Google, doesn’t offer data to advertisers allowing them to micro-target very specific demographics.  

Could you sell 450,000 BOTTLES OF BORDEAUX WINE SOLD IN 18 MINUTES ON WECHAT? the answer is YES

In the castle of Grattequina, in Blanquefort, near Bordeaux, during a gala dinner, more than 100 “we-shopkeepers”, the best independent sellers from China, have garnered in a wink the orders through their phone portable, a demonstration in France of their sales force. Furthermore, they also sold all 30.000 bottles of Heritage Champagne, Prince Henri d’Orléans wine, offered for sale.

The company had 13 billion euros in 2017, the CEO of Shanghai Dowell Trading this year to reach 18 billion euros. This Chinese couple is not his first partnership.

In December 2017, he had already sold 500,000 bottles of Italian wine via WeChat in 15 minutes. Similar projects are in development with Spanish, Australian and Chilean wines.

Under the double label Haussmann and Tin’Secret, one million bottles of three red wines will be marketed only on WeChat: Pays d’Oc, Bordeaux superior and Médoc cru bourgeois. “This is not traditional wine, we designed the product for the Chinese market, which likes a wine between 13 and 14 degrees, rather concentrated in color. It does not like acidity at all. work in the cellars “, explained to AFP Pierre-Jean Larraqué, CEO of Larraqué wines international. Haussmann Famille is a subsidiary of this group that sold 2or0 million bottles last year and has 1,450 hectares of vines.

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