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Meituan Dianping and connect with Chinese travellers

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10 mayo, 2020
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The Chinese superapp Meituan has rolled out live streaming features on its platform to promote traveling and provide training to tenants. E-commerce platform Pinduoduo has also launched a series of virtual travel via live broadcasts to promote tourist destinations in China.
By searching “Tour via Livestream” on Meituan App, users can join any live broadcast session about destinations they are interested in. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, West Lake in Hangzhou and Yellow Crane Tower of Wuhan are among the top places with most viewers joining the virtual tours.
Meituan Tickets also launched a “Safe Travel” campaign for the upcoming Labor Day Holiday to promote tourism in Wuhan, the former epicenter of coronavirus which lifted the 2-month lockdown on April 8. The platform works with Wuhan’s East Lake Ocean Amusement Park, Flying Bird World, Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Yellow Crane Tower and Mulan Grassland to spur tourism as the epidemic is grinding to a halt.
Tourism is among the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic. China Tourist Attractions Association (CTAA) estimated an 80% drop in revenue for tourist destinations in China.
Duo Duo Live, the live streaming section of Pinduoduo, held a 7-hour live streaming session for an ancient town in Hunan Province on April 26 with over 350,000 people joining the “virtual tour”.
Over the past years, China’s outbound tourism has been roaring and become the world’s top spenders in travel retail tourism, especially in the luxury market. Chinese tourists are highly mobile-driven, digital-savvy consumers. You will find several super apps used by Chinese abroad all the time. All genders: WeChat, Dianping (China’s Yelp); Female skew: RED, Meitu.
Meituan and Dianping are two separate apps. Meituan has a stronger focus on deals, hotels booking and groupons, so still more widely used in mainland China. While Dianping is an APP focusing on reviews, shopping or dining experiences.  CSM can create stores on Dianping for overseas merchants and managing the Dianping profile (trust us it is very useful). Dianping is similar to China’s Yelp.
Meituan Dianping’s user demographics are in general younger generation who enjoys shopping/food/movies/travel. High income, high spending, young and rich, basically, all travel retail brand’s target audience
EXAMPLE how to market with Meituan:
MTDP can support accurate location-based push. We can push promotion messages to the consumers close to your shops. For example, a King Power duty-free shop promotion LBS pushed message will pop-up in Chinese traveler’s phone when they have entered the commercial zone of King Power in Thailand Bangkok
The apps offered by Meituan Dianping cover a huge range of services. Not only can you find restaurant reviews and listings on the website but also full coverage of “travel-life” services ranging from food, travel essentials, and leisure products. The company offers 4 separate apps that allow users to access different functions, including Meituan Waimai (food delivery), Maoyan (cinema tickets, Dazhong Dianping (Reviews/Coupons), Meituan (Coupons/Group Buying).
If you want to discover how to connect with Chinese tourist through Meituan Dianping don’t hesitate to contact us!

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