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24 septiembre, 2019

Xiaohongshu (Red Book): introduction

Have you ever heard about Xiaohongshu? Which e-commerce platform would you first consider for your online business when entering the Chinese market? Becoming one of the fastest-growing …

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26 junio, 2019


In 2013, a couple of Chinese actors, opened his company “Shanghai Dowell Trading”, with partner French producer and trader Haussmann Family. Nowadays Shanghai Dowell Trading is operating in …

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10 abril, 2019

Dolce&Gabbana China Crisis through Weibo hashtags

The controversies surrounding Italian fashion brand D&G in China have been dominating Weibo’s top trending lists. Because it’s a somewhat messy affair, we’ll explain the story hashtag …

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1 abril, 2019

Xiaohongshu, the place where Influencers are

If you want to become an Influencer or Key Opinion Leader in China you need to know Xiaohongshu, the social network where Kim Kardashian play. Real content …

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6 febrero, 2018

Women are important in China

As carmakers expand their presence in China, now one of the world’s fastest-growing car markets, Chinese women have taken a liking to luxury cars, challenging the status …

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31 enero, 2018

WeChat has been an essential marketing channel for Christmas

Christmas is something of a shopping festival in China, just as it is elsewhere, and many luxury brands co-opt the tradition to promote their offerings. WeChat has …

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12 enero, 2018

5 Chinese Live Streaming Apps You Should Know

With over 200 live streaming apps available in China, it is difficult to choose which ones are the best. There are many factors that can be …

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9 enero, 2018

Chinese Social Media Stars as Global Celebrity

China’s internet celebrities may be one step closer to international fame. BMG, the music division of European media giant Bertelsmann SE that’s worked with the Rolling Stones and Avril …

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3 julio, 2017

Many luxury brands are looking for  the trend towards e-commerce with a degree of trepidation, but ultimately it seems anybody can resist succumbing to the allure of online retail. At …

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23 febrero, 2017

Are Chinese Bloggers vital for Fashion brands?

Do Chinese Fashion Bloggers Have What It Takes for Luxury Brands to Succeed? Luxury fashion brands marketing to China’s affluent consumers can no doubt benefit by leveraging …