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Holograms and 3D displays in China: the future of advertising.

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3 mayo, 2021
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Whilst technology continues to advance globally, Chinese advertising surprised us again with the latest cinematic 3D screens installed in Chengdu. A video of this display went viral several months ago, in which a lion emerged from the screen and ran away, leaving many people amazed by the realism of the animation. 

While this gigantic installation is impossible to get missed, yet again, Liantronics, the company to which this panel belongs, has managed to pull it off. As our previous article explained, inbound marketing offers infinite possibilities. On this occasion, somewhat similar to a video game, a spaceship emerged from the screen into space. Viewed from the opposite street corner, it’s an actual 3D spectacle that doesn’t require any special glasses. That is why it has once again caught the eye and caused a buzz on social media platforms such as Sina Weibo or Douyin (the Chinese Tiktok) during the Chinese bank holidays.

However, this is not all: technology implementation in this country is advancing by leaps and bounds; holograms have come to stay. Another video that has gone viral on Douyin shows how the concept of advertising has moved to traffic lights in the cities of Nanjing and Fuzhou: the traffic light turns red, and a hologram shows three fictitious characters dancing on the zebra crossing.

Maddening as it might seem, this type of technology is slowly but quietly creeping into our lives through advances in modern 5G. The quality of information transmission, enabled by ultra-high bandwidth, has allowed the holographic image to be significantly improved, permitting actions, expressions and voice communication to be more efficient and natural. Therefore, China Mobile and WIMI have partnered on a remote, real-time holographic project using 5G technology to develop an app that enables video call communication via hologram.

Ultimately, all of these new technologies provide us with new opportunities to engage with consumers with eye-catching and relevant content. Although targeting customers who are interested in our product and service remains somewhat tricky, these are ways that will, at the very least, appeal to their attention. Indeed, we could learn plenty from the evolution of the Chinese community that we could apply to our environment to be the forerunners in the Western world.

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