Chinese Social Network

Our social media management agency offers expertise across Chinese social media networks and platforms. We are looking for growing, building and guiding a Chinese online community on social media.

Social media consultancy

Our social media consultants will work with your existing team to define what you need to do to nurture or grow your Chinese community to enhance your brand and to increase customer engagement.

Blockchain technology

CSM monetize your campaign through blockchain technology, creating and selling NFT with digital content created for the client.

Content Strategy and Creation

Our social media experts can help you create editorial planning systems to ensure the right content is delivered at the right time to keep your brand’s community engaged and to align with your wider social media strategy and marketing plans.

Social listening

Using industry-leading social listening tools, our data and community management experts can monitor keywords and track sentiment to bring insight to data generated about your brand through social media monitoring.

B2B Inside sales

CSM will generate quality leads in the Chinese market, connecting your company with new partners, distributors or clients.
CSM brings your brand to China digitally

Connections mean “power” in China.

Our effective Chinese community management  bring to your B2c or B2B brand huge benefits:

  • Enhance product and brand loyalty
  • Promote strong connection between your brand and Chinese consumers
  • Support specific social media campaigns and integrated marketing campaigns
  • Increase the traffic to your community areas and to the rest of your website
  • Help to create a competitive differentiator
  • Develop a local brand presence in Chinese Global Market
  • Understand what Chinese people are saying about your brand by using social listening tools
  • Join the conversation and engage with your customers and users


China’s Social Media Market: Nearly a Billion Users — Mostly on Mobile
China is the world's largest social network market


Great content is essential to any effective social media strategy and is what keeps your customers and your community coming back for more.

All our Community Managers are tested to ensure a high level of literacy and grammatical knowledge. This is important because we believe in the power of compelling content, local cultural insights and targeted communication when building online communities.

We build a narrative and plan around editorial calendars to ensure community members are engaged with your brand, whether that’s with social media content, blog posts, community guidelines, or website copy.

Generating sales leads is the process of making contact with and collecting information from prospective clients. If you want to find distributors, suppliers, new clients or partners in China a Inside Sales will drive qualified leads and brand awareness within the world’s largest professional market. 

We provide social media management services across all Chinese Social Networks.

Our community managers encourage positive participation in the Chinese world and social networks, and keep you up-to-date on competitor analysis, consumer insight and industry trends. This includes providing regular feedback on ways to improve your community, daily engagement, content strategy and content creation, and long-term social media planning. 

Chinese Social Media Networks

CSM methodology involves a combination of guidance and moderation, long-term engagement, support for Chinese social media campaigns, content strategy and creation, social listening and reporting.

If you want to outsource your Chinese social media management, we’d love to talk to you.

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