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About us- CSM China Social Media Agency: Our mission is growing, building and guiding a Chinese online community on social media and on an owned platform.

We offer:

  • Content strategy, curation and creation in Chinese language
  • Social listening and social media monitoring
  • Social media management

CSM China Social Media Agency: We integrate any opportunities around product launches or marketing campaigns, and generate ongoing content in line with your deadlines, in the formats your audience responds to. Regular reporting and insights from your community are used to feed back in to your content strategy to ensure it stays topical and relevant.

Understanding social media is no longer a luxury for companies operating in China—it is an imperative. 

The result of our Chinese community management
Promote strong connection between your brand and Chinese consumers 100%
Enhance product and brand loyalty 100%
Develop a local brand presence in Chinese Market 100%
Help to create a competitive differentiator 100%
Increase the traffic to your community areas 100%
Understand what Chinese people are saying about your brand 100%
We offer digital marketing campaigns in

Sina Weibo

Weibo has an active presence in the Mainland market – especially among the younger demographic. Weibo’s sway has a lot to do with its influential user accounts such as business tycoons, Asian celebrities, and media figures.


Xiaohongshu is a fast-growing social media and ecommerce platform, and is particularly interesting for foreign beauty brands and it is becoming a trendy platform for travels.


Brands can set up a WeChat service account, which allows them to engage with customers by sending targeted material. Businesses can also place QR codes in high-trafficked places for users to follow their brand using a strategy 020.


Douyin is the most beloved app among China’s youth presence.


Fliggy is the only app that offers live-streaming out of China. It is perfect channel for connecting with Chinese millennials, and it is becoming the future of marketing in the current Chinese information-sharing ecosystem.


Zhihu is a platform where companies can develop B2B marketing strategies in the Chinese market. Zhihu is profoundly known for its high quality, credible, and professional Q&A content.
  • “China probably has more social media users than Facebook has in the entire world combined"

    Henry Fong (CEO of Yodo1)
  • It is the country with the most social networks and the most social media users recorded. The number of interaction and daily users could be considered out of the chart for some countries. Although they are often competing, many of these networks meet a particular demand that allows a large part of them to coexist.
  • As Chinese consumers spend more time online, foreign companies should deepen their knowledge of domestic social media platforms

    Thomas Crampton (Hong Kong-based Asia-Pacific director of Digital Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide)
  • "Roughly half of China’s 513 million netizens are using social networking sites, and all of these social networks are home grown"

    Yin Mei (consultant in Beijing at The Hoffman Agency)
  • "The average Chinese netizen spends 25 hours on the internet every week and  the 81% of Chinese netizens access the internet via a mobile device"

    CNNIC (Jan 2014)