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Weibo launches a short-video app Planet Video

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5 octubre, 2020
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Weibo launches a short-video app: “Planet Video”.

Publishing videos is nothing really new on Weibo, but following WeChat’s move to roll out video accounts, Weibo couldn’t have stayed behind, could it?

Weibo (like Wechat) is hoping to retain their users (and influencers) that have started to drift toward other channels, such as Douyin. Also, the platform announced that the short-video feature will create more space for advertisers. Meaning: more earning opportunities for influencers and the platform. –

«Planet Video is a UGC video community with five sections: «Home», «Discover», «Shoot», «News» and «My».

The videos in the app will be presented to users in the form of feed streams, and all kinds of videos have been well classified.

The app supports video casting, global window play and background play, and can cache videos for viewing.

According to industry insiders, this product will be Weibo’s highest-priority project this year.

Weibo has also released its Weibo video account program this year to support premium content creators.

Weibo has been trying to explore the short video space since 2013, but Miaopai, SuishoupI, Pufferfish Short Video and Aidong Short Video have all failed to achieve significant success.

This seems like it means more work for KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), as they usually try to be present on all platforms and create some original content for each of them. Overall, just the reposting of videos and keeping up with the fans on all these different platforms is a full-time job now

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