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Instant Shopping in China via livestreaming

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25 octubre, 2020
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Instant Shopping and instant delivery is how e-commerce and livestreaming selling work in China.   Can one order items beyond {takeaway} food and expect them to arrive within 30 min? 

perfumes, clothes, luxury items… have you ever heard about about 618 shopping festival? 

618 campaign in China was initially launched by Jingdong for its anniversary in 2010. Every June is the anniversary month of JD; and, the promotion and discount reach a peak on 18 June.

The quickest delivery that they achieved was 8 minutes.

Someone made an order and in 8 minutes later the item reached his home This is a record obviously but right now in more than 30 cities the delivers happened is less than 20 minutes. But…what about the channel?

 Live-streaming is the way to sell your products in China

China is the undisputed world leader in combining livestreaming with online shopping. By the end of 2020, China is expected to have 524 million online livestreaming users. This means 40 percent of Chinese people and 62 percent of the country’s internet users will be livestreamers.

So, if you want to sell in China you have to be prepared for it:

Selling through livestreaming 

Delivering as quick as you can 

This is the meaning of instant consumption.

Check Instant Shopping in China. Contact us if you want to join the livestreaming wave!

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