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Big Changes in Weibo

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20 julio, 2020
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Big changes coming to URLs on Weibo Campaigns. Weibo introduces new regulations for adding external links to the posts and ads. From now on, the platform will not allow social posts to include any URLs that direct users to websites that are not whitelisted.

This will have an impact on your marketing strategy if you manage a Weibo account. Keep reading for more information!

The question is then: who is on the white list? That’s entirely up to Weibo.

For now, the platform allows
• government websites (,,
• licensed media platforms,
• any major well-recognised platforms, and
• official websites of verified companies (that individually submit their application to Weibo).

But there is an opportunity for foreign companies that can also apply for whitelisting their websites, and do not need to submit an ICP license. However, from now on all companies will have to verify their accounts if they want to whitelist their website. Additionally, personal accounts will no longer be able to include any links in their posts (unless they pay for this feature additionally). –

On the bright side, however, Weibo ads can now link to WeChat mini-programs.

That’s huge news!

Weibo and WeChat are two competing platforms and have done everything in their power to ensure their users don’t leave for the other app. So, Weibo ads could only link to websites or Taobao in the past, but now it’s changed.

It’s good news as many stores only have their storefronts available on WeChat (and Mini-programs as well).

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