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Xiaohongshu, the new market place

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19 mayo, 2020
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The first sale of 196 cars with a conversion rate of 65% in Xiaohongshu.
For the first time, Xiaohongshu broke into the car live track and handed out a good transcript.
Recently, high-end brand Lectra, together with Xiaohongshu bloggers abcmama and Chen Yihui, shared the test drive experience of its coupe SUV Lectra 02 with netizens through live broadcast. The Link was given by Future Auto Daily (ID: auto-time) and the result was 301 test drive appointment through the live broadcast room on that day, and then 196 people placed an order to buy a car through the official website within two weeks. Therefore the order conversion rate exceeded 65%. Public data shows that the conversion rate of a monthly sales lead for a car website is only 30%.
According to official data from Xiaohongshu, more than 80% of its users are women. Among them, first- and second-tier cities account for more than 60%, and more than 70% of users are post-90s. They have strong purchasing power and high willingness to consume. This also determines that the brand marketing of Link Car in Xiaohongshu mainly targets female users.
Future Auto Daily noticed that most of the Lynk & Co. ’s products were centered around women during the Xiaohongshu ’s product display, focusing on image, value and experience: “Recommend the first scooter for girls”, “Performance cars girls will also love”, «SUVs suitable for girls» are popular labels.
In addition, in addition to the official configuration of gray-black, white-black, blue-black, purple-black, and pure white, Lynk 02 also appeared pink in the list on Xiaohongshu. In response, Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Link Car Sales Co., Ltd., told the media that this is a color-changing service tailored for Xiaohongshu users. A series of planning based on user value contributed to this high-exposure and high-conversion performance .
As a «grassing platform» where female users have an absolute advantage, the brand marketing in Xiaohongshu focuses on the buying experience and creates a buying atmosphere for potential users. Xiaohongshu officially stated that in addition to the first time to carry live broadcasts on the platform, many car brands, including Volvo, Lincoln, Cadillac, etc., have successively operated through topics such as topic operation, punch-in interaction, and live broadcast interaction. a new way to interact with the user.
Affected by the epidemic, many automakers and dealers have been forced to switch to online marketing, opening up a new way to sell cars live. According to the «2020 Car Live Ecology Report» released by China Automobile Dealers Association and Chedi, the first three months of this year, the maximum number of live broadcasts in a single day reached 5 million, the number of viewers increased 6.1 times; the number of broadcasts increased 15 times The highest number of broadcasts in a single day exceeds 7000; the number of broadcasters has increased by 12 times, and the number of new broadcasters has increased by 10%. However, when it comes to the volume of transactions, it seems to be more lively and less expensive.
Will Xiaohongshu and the women on its platform become a breakthrough in live broadcast car sales?
Do you want to be part of this new market place through Livestreaming?

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