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Douyin useful for marketing foreign schools?

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29 abril, 2020
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Douyin useful for marketing foreign schools?

Of course it is. We have noticed that quite a few Chinese higher-education institutions have a presence on Douyin, but many foreign schools do not.

We are not sure why that is, but these schools usually have video resources that they publish on YouTube and other Western platforms already, so repurposing them for a Chinese audience is an easy way to improve their brand in China. If you don’t know what we mean, we will give you a demonstration

Douyin has grown into one of the most popular social platforms in China and its popularity translates into opportunities for many people. For the platform, it means more advertising revenue; for different brands—more advertising opportunities. And for the users with millions of followers, it’s a chance to make some money.

Should schools be promoting themselves on Douyin (Tiktok) in China? When people talk about marketing on Douyin, they show you massive viral campaigns. But that is not necessarily the type of marketing you should do for schools.


be careful…what about Business Verification?

  • Benefits: helps build trust among users, better personalization of the account, marketing tools such as analytics and advertising options (other than DOU+); it also allows you to add a website, a H5 page or Taobao storefront, and contact information to the account.
  • Requirements: mainland Chinese business licence (营业执照), application letter (template available in-app or here). ICP licence required if you want to link your official website to the account.
  • Max. of 2 accounts may be verified with one business licence.
  • The cost of verification is 600 CNY and has to be renewed yearly.
  • Organizations such as media outlets, social communities or institutions related to the government must submit additional certificates.
  • Schools outside of mainland China are not eligible for verification.

If you’re only looking for more exposure—the verification is not completely necessary. You can choose to add your Douyin account information to your official website or other verified channels such as Weibo or WeChat.

However, if you want to become an influencer and work with brands, or add an official website and/or e-commerce to your account—you need to have it all verified.

Many foreign influencers verify their accounts with an ID of their Chinese spouses, friends or the people that hire them through an agency (MCN). However, one document can only verify one account and once verified, you cannot change the ID. Obviously, this could cause issues later on if you fall out of grace with the person who lent you their ID, or you terminate your contract with an agency.

If you want to open your own Douyin account please contact us!!

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