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24 mayo, 2022

Campaigns for museums in China: Douyin and NFTs

Museums around the world are targeting the Chinese market despite the Tourism breakdown. Whit the hope of coming back to normal, Museums are starting new campaigns …

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22 noviembre, 2021

The Chinese YouTube? Bilibili

What is Bilibili? The popular youth-oriented video streaming and sharing giant Bilibili is considered to be the platform most similar to Youtube. However, Bilibili’s defining features …

8 noviembre, 2021

Your landing page in China

Launching a product or service in China? no Chinese website? No worries Jimuyu is a great way of helping advertisers in presenting what they wish to …

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27 agosto, 2021

Alibaba creates an NFTs Marketplace for China

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdinghas opened a new online market for digital assets (NFTs) for China The platform, called “Blockchain Digital Copyright and Asset Trade”, allows writers, …

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11 junio, 2021

Chinese Tourists are moving

China see over 100 million passenger trips during the Dragon Boat Festival. More than 100 million passenger trips are expected in China during the next three-day …

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3 mayo, 2021

Holograms and 3D displays in China: the future of advertising.

Whilst technology continues to advance globally, Chinese advertising surprised us again with the latest cinematic 3D screens installed in Chengdu. A video of this display went …

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25 abril, 2021

From the ground-breaking QR Code on-air to an «O2O» trend: inbound marketing.

After the emergence of the pandemic, QR codes in China have become all the rage; wherever one goes, a code makes it easy to connect to …

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13 abril, 2021

Open your online shop in Douyin (Chinese Tik-Tok)

Douyin expands into e-commerce: brands can now open an online shop in the Chinese Tiktok We have recently been witnessing how Douyin is pulling ahead of …

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31 marzo, 2021

Adaptation in China is vital

H&M gets cancelled in China. The importance of understanding how to adapt a company to the Chinese market. The controversy arose after the company initiated a …

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18 marzo, 2021

Chinese Clubhouse is coming

«The banning of Clubhouse app in China sparks a wave of apps replicating its business model». Clubhouse is an invite-only social media platform entirely based on …