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Kuakua, the new trend in Chinese Social Media

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26 marzo, 2019
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Kuakua groups on WeChat, whose members seek compliments for moral support, have become a new fad among users in China Social Media.

A student usually posts something bad that happened in his or her life and seeks compliments from members of their group, and other students will think of every way possible to help the student who posted see the silver lining in the cloud.

«I just failed at a job interview. Need compliment,» said one student in a kuakua group at Tongji University in Shanghai. «Thank God you did not end up in that lousy company,» said one student. «You will find a much better job next time,» said another.

Kua kua groups (夸 ‘kuā‘ literally means ‘praise’) have become all the rage in China. People seem to love them for the mere fact that it makes them feel good about themselves. The format is clear. Person A tells about something that is on their minds, and asks people for positive feedback. Person B, C, and D will then come forward and tell them how good or pretty they are, sometimes based on their profile photo.

Everything can by complimented. When one says he was dumped by his girlfriend, others will tell him all the benefits he can gain from the incident. Students even post pictures of themselves in the groups to seek compliments and others will think of all the qualities that make him or her stand out from others.

According to Wang Jiahao, 22, there are about eight kuakua groups at Tsinghua University in Beijing, with more than 3,000 student members.

Fudan University in Shanghai, Communication University of China in Beijing, Huangzhou University of Science and Technology also have kuakua groups.

The people giving compliments in the Chinese Kua kua groups are random people, some students, some staff of Taobao stores, who get hongbao, red envelopes with digital money gifts, for contributing to the group. According to some reports, some ‘customers’ end up staying the group and become a part of the team themselves.

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