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25 octubre, 2020

Instant Shopping in China via livestreaming

Instant Shopping and instant delivery is how e-commerce and livestreaming selling work in China.   Can one order items beyond {takeaway} food and expect them to arrive …

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5 mayo, 2020

The Chinese Instagram – Oasis

Last year Sina Weibo invited his Weibo followers to join Oasis. Oasis is Weibo’s answer to Instagram and has a content-driven model like Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), …

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24 septiembre, 2019

Xiaohongshu (Red Book): introduction

Have you ever heard about Xiaohongshu? Which e-commerce platform would you first consider for your online business when entering the Chinese market? Becoming one of the fastest-growing …

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1 abril, 2019

Xiaohongshu, the place where Influencers are

If you want to become an Influencer or Key Opinion Leader in China you need to know Xiaohongshu, the social network where Kim Kardashian play. Real content …