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12 abril, 2017

Weibo regained momentum in 2016

Daily average video views on Sina Weibo, the leading social media in China, increased seven times year-over-year, surpassing 2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016. …

29 marzo, 2017

Miaopai! a short video sharing and live streaming platform in China

Miaopai Introduction: The 3 Basics of Getting Started – China video sharing Miaopai (秒拍) is a China short video sharing and live streaming platform in China, first launched in 2011 …

23 marzo, 2017

Airbnb will change his name in China?

CHINA: Aibnb is forced to change his name due to the fact that China’s consumer hate it! Airbnb is now known as something different in China. On …

23 febrero, 2017

Are Chinese Bloggers vital for Fashion brands?

Do Chinese Fashion Bloggers Have What It Takes for Luxury Brands to Succeed? Luxury fashion brands marketing to China’s affluent consumers can no doubt benefit by leveraging …

6 febrero, 2017

Main Differences Between Baidu and Google SERPs

Main Differences Between Baidu and Google SERPs Chinese Only (Baidu and Google) The interface is only offered in Simplified Chinese. No other languages are supported. Click Behavior (Baidu …

4 enero, 2017

WeChat Is Maturing

 WeChat is maturing and getting harder to acquire users   Born on January 21, 2011, WeChat now boasts 846 million monthly active users and is unquestionably the number one …