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24 septiembre, 2019

Xiaohongshu (Red Book): introduction

Have you ever heard about Xiaohongshu? Which e-commerce platform would you first consider for your online business when entering the Chinese market? Becoming one of the fastest-growing …

21 enero, 2019

WeChat on-line new features: can do 32 countries visa

Going abroad! WeChat on-line new features: can do 32 countries visa For a long time, WeChat and Alipay have been committed to applying their own APP functions …

11 octubre, 2018

Meitu the latest trend from China

With 455 million monthly active users, photo-enhancement app Meitu is turning itself into a photo-social platform, with plans to expand into games, online literature, even claw …

9 abril, 2018

The end of Meipai. Hello Douyin!

The end of Meipai. Hello Douyin! In recent months, video sharing and live streaming app Meipai has been gradually losing content creators and users to the short video app Douyin. …

12 febrero, 2018

Forget millennials, Alibaba is targeting elderly people

Taobao, the Alibaba-backed online retailer, has launched a customized version of its app for elderly users. While most companies are still figuring out how to capture the …