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22 abril, 2019

Cultural Marketing, the biggest key to success for brands in China

Cultural marketing is the biggest key to success for brands in China today — it’s more important than the product, the distribution, or state-of-the-art technologies like AI. …

6 marzo, 2018

WeChat account…worth it?

WeChat is as a must-have channel for luxury brands looking to reach consumers in China. Yet new research suggests that many brands aren’t getting the engagement from the …

12 enero, 2018

5 Chinese Live Streaming Apps You Should Know

With over 200 live streaming apps available in China, it is difficult to choose which ones are the best. There are many factors that can be …

9 enero, 2018

Chinese Social Media Stars as Global Celebrity

China’s internet celebrities may be one step closer to international fame. BMG, the music division of European media giant Bertelsmann SE that’s worked with the Rolling Stones and Avril …

25 julio, 2017

Chinese customers? get ready for mobile payments

Mobile payments will soon overtake cash and credit cards as the preferred payment choice for Chinese travellers shopping abroad, according to a new survey. Mobile payments specialist …

11 julio, 2017

Chinese rich consumers move faster

How the Chinese rich consumers Spend Differently There are currently 1 million Chinese people and 5 million Americans with at least 1 million USD in assets, or …