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Where do Chinese Students Study English Online? from 0 – 500 Chinese Yuan

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26 mayo, 2017

Chinese students in Social Media: Ten years ago, Chinese students learned English in traditional ways like reading books, listening to tapes and going to English corner. It’s the digital era now! The way that Chinese students learn English has changed greatly! They are now much more inclined to learn English online.

In addition to the cheap price, the most important advantage of online learning is convenience. With a computer or mobile phone, everyone is ready to learn English, and the quality of learning isn’t much different from offline learning.

Mastering English can be regarded as an investment. Students invest in themselves so that they can become more competitive. I’ll introduce a variety of platforms and methods for Chinese students to learn English online, broken down by budget range.

Most high school students and college students don’t have a lot of money to invest in learning English. They prefer to use free courses on the Internet, watch TV shows and use free Apps. They rely on their own learning abilities and get less support.

0 – 500 Chinese Yuan  (Chinese students in Social Media)

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1. 百词斩 (Baicizhan) An app to memorize words by pictures

This app provides interesting pictures and sentences for each word, making memorizing words a pleasure. It contains high school, CET-4/6, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE and other English test vocabulary. It’s completely free to download and use this app, very suitable for students who are preparing for English exams.





chinese social networks2. 英语流利说 (Liulishuo) A spoken English learning app

This app mainly focuses on oral English learning. They push out new American dialogue daily. With real-time speech scoring technology from Silicon Valley, they change learning English into a fun, addictive dialogue game. Users can easily practice oral English with Liulishuo and it’s free.

«Dongni English»

3. 千聊 (Qianliao) A live streaming platform via WeChat

People from any field of learning can set up their own studio and start a live stream on Qianliao to share their professional knowledge and experience. Of course, there are a lot of English courses on it.

Qianliao supports audio, text and pictures. Teachers can interact with students in real-time. Students can use their WeChat account to login directly. Teachers can promote themselves by posting their WeChat official accounts, websites and apps. Currently Qianliao is in a growth stage, so most courses are free.

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Qianliao’s deep integration with WeChat makes it a great option for marketing campaigns, which is why we’re already in the process of launching online training campaigns that make use of Qianliao and WeChat.




4. Watching TV shows  (Chinese students in Social Media)

Watching TV shows and movies to practice listening and speaking English will always be a popular learning style. TV shows and movies can create a language environment which is very helpful for improving English listening comprehension.

Most Chinese students’ American drama career began with «Friends» and «The Big Bang Theory”!

5. WeChat & QQ groups   (Chinese students in Social Media)

It is very difficult to keep on learning English alone, so many students join groups on WeChat & QQ built by influential English language trainers. They share with others, learn together and supervise each other.


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