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WeChat Mini-Programs trends

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15 enero, 2019

The WeChat applet was officially released on January 9, 2017 and is now coming to its 2nd anniversary.

During these two years, the powerful power of the mini-program has attracted the biggest companies.
On January 5th, Aladdin’s statistical platform Aladdin released the White Paper on the Development of WeChat Mini Program Industry in 2018. Through the research and analysis of the development status of the 2nd anniversary of WeChat mini-program, we can discover some interesting things:

I. Changes in the small program industry in 2018
1. In 2018, the number of mini program users is expected to be about 600 million. The number of small program users will increase from 170 million at the end of 2017 to 230 million at the end of 2018. The small program will open the era of Internet universalization.
2, the small program 69 entrances, the most important entry for the small program to achieve natural growth is: session sharing, APP sharing, WeChat «search a search», scan code touch, drop-down list.
3. The applet becomes the basic connector for online and offline scenes. The mini program realizes the effective connection of “people, goods and fields” around core business factors such as shopping mall, store positioning, payment function, membership, and data.
4. Mini programs become new technical standards. On November 7, 2018, WeChat’s mini program won the «World’s Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements in the Internet» award, which is an innovation in China’s IT industry that can really affect ordinary programmers for many years.
5, the number of mini programs beyond Apple APP. The current number of mini programs has exceeded 2.3 million, and in less than two years it has surpassed Apple’s 10-year application.

Second, the mini program ecosystem analysis
1, ability to release keywords: scenes, traffic, experience, cash, development.
2. The ability of seven major platforms to quickly release mini programs has intensified the battle for traffic portals.
3, Baidu: 3 billion monthly smart mini program open source alliance.
4. Alipay: featuring money, trust, and service, focusing on the small program ecology of business and life services.
5, today’s headline: adhering to the «information to create value» concept, with the help of mini programs to better meet the real needs of users
6. Mini program financing exceeds 8 billion. According to statistics, the cumulative amount of mini program financing in 18 years has exceeded 8 billion, which is 8 times that of  last 17 years. Among them, offline retail and online shopping gadgets are the hottest areas of Mini-programs financing this year, and the total financing ratio of the two is nearly 70%.

Third, the analysis of the mini program user portrait
The report shows that the small program covers a wider age group; the proportion of female users has risen significantly and exceeds that of males; the mini program users have become more and more prominent in urban areas, and the popularity has become wider and wider; users have developed their habits in mini programs; 8-9 at night

Fourth, 2019 mini program development trend forecast
1. The number of Mini programs is expected to reach 5 million in 2019.
2, Mini programs, daily users will exceed 350 million people in 2019
3. The size of the Mini program advertising market reached 20 billion yuan in 2019.
4. Mini programs will change the search engine market.
5, 2019, WeChat decentralized retail transaction volume will exceed 3 trillion.
6, Super APP staged a full-scale competition in the new pattern of the mini program era.
8, Mini program open source strategy will become the commanding heights of the mini program ecosystem.
9. «Little programmers» have become new professional jobs.

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