CSM in house

Our mission is to empower brands using Chinese social media.

At the core of CSM In-House is the ability to easily create and edit posts to be published on Chinese Social Networks

Innovation: We’ve created a system that makes managing your Chinese social media easier and reliable for everyone involved

 Take control of your brand

Our effective Chinese community management tool  bring to your B2c or B2B brand huge benefits:

  • Our tool allows you to post in the Chinese social networks without knowing Chinese
  • Write in your language, choose when, choose which network  and CSM In-House will publish it
  • Make your everyday life easier planning the week with our tool
  • With content straight from the source, CSM In-House syncs up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, providing you with officially syndicated content
  • CSM provides, in case you need, high quality content inspiration
  • You are in control over how and where your publications are located at all times