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25 julio, 2017

Chinese customers? get ready for mobile payments

Mobile payments will soon overtake cash and credit cards as the preferred payment choice for Chinese travellers shopping abroad, according to a new survey. Mobile payments specialist …

17 mayo, 2017


HOW CHINESE CITIZENS USE WECHAT? Chinese social media Today, WeChat (Chinese social media) is the most useful app in Chinese virtual and digital communication landscape. It provides Chinese …

9 mayo, 2017

China Continues to Dominate Global Shopping Mall Development

China once again registered the globe’s highest annual completions of retail shopping centers in 2016, according to a recent CBRE report. The country is the most active market across …

4 mayo, 2017

New kind of QR code for China

WeChat launches new style QR codes For Mini Programs. China social networks WeChat launched a completely new kind of QR code for China entitled Mini Program Codes (小程序码). How do …

25 abril, 2017

WeChat has included external sources in in-app search results pages (SERP)

 WeChat becoming a threat to Baidu in mobile search? Chinese social networks Chinese social networks WeChat has included external sources in in-app search results pages (SERP) while it previously only …

6 febrero, 2017

Main Differences Between Baidu and Google SERPs

Main Differences Between Baidu and Google SERPs Chinese Only (Baidu and Google) The interface is only offered in Simplified Chinese. No other languages are supported. Click Behavior (Baidu …